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In Home Care Services

Already HomeCare provides non-medical in home care services to families that need assistance for helping their loved one maintain and live a healthy and independent life in their home.

We make the sign-up process for our care services easy. Simply complete the contact form below or call us at 843-371-1419 to schedule your free assessment. We will provide prompt and courteous service, and our assessments can be schedule as soon as today. Get started now. 

Some of the services we provide are listed below.  Please call us for additional service offerings.

  • Incontinence Care

    Urinary incontinence may not be a disease, but we understand how this condition can affect you and your loved one. We can help provide changing and reminders to help your loved with incontinence care.

  • Medication Reminders

    It can be difficult to keep up with medication schedules and dosage amounts. Our caregivers can help remind your loved one to take medications.

  • Meal Preparation

    We provide assistance with the necessities of living at home with dignity and independence, including meal preparation and feeding. Our highly trained care managers will work with you and your loved one to develop a personalized meal and nutrition plan.

  • Bath Visits

    Hygiene is important. That’s why we provide bath visits to help your loved one stay clean and avoid safety risks that are associated with bathing. We can also help your loved one with cosmetic needs.

  • Light Housekeeping

    Already HomeCare is committed to maintaining a safe and clean home for your loved one so that he or she can enjoy a clean and organized environment. This improves quality of life and helps keep your loved one safe.

  • Transportation

    We provided transpiration to and from events. We understand the importance of your loved one to still be involved in their community, and we will help them do so by driving them to their destination and helping them safety participate.

  • Rise-and-Shine Services

    Our care providers can give your loved one the assistance they need to get ready for their day. From help out of bed, to bathing assistance, to dressing assistance to assistance with breakfast, we can be there every step of the way to a refreshing morning and a great day.

  • Companionship

    Our caregivers can help your loved one with everyday chores and errands as well as provide some welcome companionship. This also provides a valuable source of mental and physical stimulation.

  • Hourly / Live-in Care

    Unlike many non-medical home care providers, we do not require a long-term commitment for any of the services we provide. Our services range from three hours to 24-hour, 7 day-a-week live-in care.

There is no long-term commitment for any of the professional in-home care services we provide.

Our services range from three hours to 24-hour, seven days a week live-in care. We work with you to ensure you are matched with a caregiver that is perfect for you. Please let us know if you have a religious, cultural or any other kind of preference.

To learn more about our non-medical home care services or to schedule a free consultation, please call us at 843-371-1419, or complete our contact form. We look forward to serving you!

Incontinence Care

Researchers believe one in five adults older than 40 experience incontinence issues. Urinary incontinence may not be a disease, but the caregivers at Already HomeCare understand how this condition can affect you and your loved one.

The incontinence care services we provide include changes and any additional help your loved one may need to manage incontinence. We believe this condition is nothing to be ashamed of, and our home care experts can help reduce the burden of this health issue.

Incontinence can be managed with non-medical self-care, proper education and guidance. Our incontinence care encompasses the following:

  • Implementing friendly reminders
  • Incorporating lifestyle changes
  • Educating seniors on bladder health
  • Identifying and using better products to effectively manage issues

To learn more about our geriatric care services like incontinence care, or to schedule a free in-home consultation, please call Already HomeCare at 843-371-1419. Already HomeCare provides trusted, personalized in-home care for those who need assistance with daily living activities to maintain the best quality of life while living at home.

Long Term Care Planning

Long term care planning is the kind of help one needs if they’re unable to live independently because of a prolonged illness or disability. Home care for the long term can range from help with daily activities at home, like bathing and eating, to skilled nursing care.

Planning for this type of care can seem overwhelming. There are many options to choose from and selecting the right care plan for you or your loved one is important. That’s why the senior care experts at Already HomeCare in Charleston and Myrtle Beach, SC will guide you through the entire process.

Our geriatric care manager and our geriatric care specialists will sit down with you and your family to explore all of your options and help you select the home care plan that is best for you. After this assessment, you can rest easy knowing your loved one will receive the care and compassion they need to live healthy, happy and productive lives in their own home.

To learn more about long-term care planning, download our e-book below. If you have any questions, please call Already HomeCare at 843-371-1419 or at 803-334-3477.

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